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Military History and Me.

My name is Maria Ogborn and have a passion for both military history and writing. This blog, which I have wanted to start for a while, gives me the opportunity to combine both. I recently (2020) completed my MA in Military History at the University of Birmingham and I am hoping at some point (eventually) to start a PhD. 


My love of military history has come from the stories of my Grandfather, who was in the Chindits during the Second World War and my Great Grandfather, who served with the Dorset Regiment at Gallipoli and later on the Western Front. I was also fortunate to have a very enthusiastic and wonderful history teacher at secondary school who further ignited my passion for military history. 

 This blog will focus on all aspect of military history and I hope to inspire others and simply write about what I love. 

Views expressed are my own and all images will be credited to their owners. 

Photo by British Library on Unsplash

british-library-GQ5ELi84owE-unsplash (1)
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